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Study plan Ateliér skla – 3rd year

Study of qualification: Design (8206R100) Department of Applied Arts
Study programme: Visual Arts (B8206) Study type: Bachelor's Programme
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tutor code completion ECTS range code completion ECTS range
Compulsory subjects
Glass - Project exam
U1K5 ZK 7 U1K6 ZK 7
Glass - term paper
U1S5 ZK 9 U1S6 ZK 9
Workshop Practice (Special Workshops) 2107 Z 1 2108 Z 1
Foreign Language 8005 Z 1 8006 ZK 2
History of Arts and Crafts
TB0005 ZK 3
History and Hermeneutics of Jewelry TB0016 ZK 2
Minimální počet kreditů za semestr 20 22
Compulsory optional subjects
Minimální počet kreditů za semestr 0 0
Total number of set credits 20 22
Recommended number of credits per semester that should be obtained from optional and compulsory-optional subjects 6.375 4.375
Celkový doporučený počet kreditů za semestr 26.375 26.375
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