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Generative Design and Computer Drafting 2

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F0048 ZK 2
Subject guarantor:
Shota Tsikoliya
Name of lecturer(s):
Shota Tsikoliya

The development of computational technologies and the digitization of architectural tools have radically influenced the architectural practice. The aim of the course is to introduce the new field of generative and computational design giving an overview on existing digital platforms and making students familiar with Grasshopper and Python visual and classic programming languages.

Students will get familiar with specific applications of computational methods for architectural and design tasks, simulations of static and dynamic phenomena and the basics of digital fabrication.

Lectures outline:

week 1 - computational design and advanced applications

week 2 - week 5 - intro to spring-based systems (Kangaroo)

week 6 - week 8 - intro to digital fabrication

week 9 - week 12 - project development and design

Seminar outline:
Study Objectives:


- to introduce students to contemporary computational tools

- to make students aware with recent technological changes in architectural design

- to encourage students to explore the influence of new digital tools on architecture and design

- to teach students the applications of digital tools and its consequences to design and fabrication process


On satisfactory completion of this subject, the student will be able to:

- distinguish and characterize various tools and methods in the field of computational design

- design through the use of algorithms and scripting

- understand and apply digital tools to the both design and fabrication processes

Study materials:

Tedeschi, Arturo, et al. AAD_Algorithms-Aided Design: Parametric Strategies Using Grasshopper. Le Penseur Publisher, 2016

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