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Genius Loci of Prague 2

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F0032 Z 2
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Though Prague is an old city in the middle of Europe with a very rich history and cultural heritage, it is also a living city today with a number of galleries and museums. There are plenty of interesting things to be seen in the city - from old architecture to contemporary art - and that will be the theme of this three-semester course. The workshop will cover quite different topics, which all have something in common - the place and specific genius loci of the city. Each lecture will focus on historical architecture (mainly Gothic and Baroque) and modern architecture of Prague (with a lot of brilliant examples designed by Adolf Loos, Bruno Paul, Jože Plečnik, Jan Kotěra, Josef Gočár, Pavel Janák, Josef Chochol, etc.) - these lectures will be organized as city walks to the most interesting places guided and commented by the artist and curator Milan Mikuláštík. He will talk both about architecture and visual art connected with the place; special focus will be placed on contemporary art varying from painting, sculpture, public art to new media experiments.

Lectures outline:
Seminar outline:
Study Objectives:


- to introduce students to most important world architectural styles and movements and their protagonists

- to introduce students to history of architecture in the local geographical context, including Prague romanesque, gothic, renaissance, baroque, classicist and historicist architecture styles

- to introduce students to basic urbanist concepts, which can be demonstrated on specific Prague examples

Special emphasis is put on key 20s century architectural movements in the context of Czech republic, especially individualist modernism, cubism, fuctionalism and socialist realism and to key modern architecture pioneers with emphasise to architects, which were active on Prague architectural scene.

- to introduce students to problematics of public space in conection to architecture, art, urbanism and politics

- to put Prague historical architecture in context of parallel movements in art, philosophy and science

- to inform students about most succesful examples of contemporary architecture, urbanism and public art


On satisfactory completion of this subject, the student will be able to:

- understand the key principles of the most important historical architectural styles and modern architectural movements in general

- prove the knowledge ot the most important Czech (Prague) architects, both from deep history and modern era and their most succesful realisations

- orient themselves in the city of Prague, including less known parts of the city, which are out of the typical turistic venues

- understand the specific cultural and political situation of European country with rich and complicated history

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