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Czech Language for Foreigners 1

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F0010 ZK 2
Subject guarantor:
Gabriela Novotná
Name of lecturer(s):
Gabriela Novotná

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the basics of Czech language. Basic grammar rules, vocabulary and an introduction to Czech syntax are presented. Through the lessons, students will gain a base with which to engage in simple conversations in daily situations.


written test (minimum of 55% required), attendance and active participation

Lectures outline:
Seminar outline:

Lesson 1: introduction to the Czech language, basic phrases, formality

Lesson 2: pronunciation, gender of nouns countries and preposition „from“ + genitive case,

Lesson 3: verb „to be“ , greetings

Lesson 4: verb „to do, to make“, numbers 0-10

Lesson 5: revision, jobs and occupations

Lesson 6: verb „to have“, telephone numbers

Lesson 7: name cards, vocative case

Lesson 8: places in a city, directions

Lesson 9: preposition „next to“, listening about giving directions

Lesson 10: giving directions, means of transport, navigation

Lesson 11: A-conjugation, I-conjugation, information about the exam

Lesson 12: numbers 11-100, revision

Study Objectives:
Study materials:

Čeština expres

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