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Applied Geodesy

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2572 Z 2
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Method of education:

Theoretical part - interpretation and drawing. Presentation of written assignments processed with interpretation of specific procedures of their creation, exercise in drawing preparation on specific building objects, in creation of documentation concepts and operation of technology

The education is implemented once every two academic years.

Basic education contents:

Outline of the history of cartography, coordinate systems, overview of classic methods of manual survey of objects and survey with geodetic procedures, stakeout tasks, terrain survey, evaluation, current methods of creating documentation, ground shaping solution, road layout and other works with topographical and height plan source material, their overview and rules of communication with state authorities administering the data. Component parts of a complete assignment of the documentation of the actual state of the building object and pricing for its creation.

The individual interpretation chapters are supported by excursions into archives and objects for which drawing documentation is available, into objects of varying degrees of complexity and construction state, to workplaces of geodetic offices or experimental studios processing virtual urban models and other above-standard assignments

The indicated contents of education do not constitute its strict chronological order; its contents can be applied to the current student?s needs within their studio work or for the internal needs of the school or other institutions on a non-commercial basis

Cooperation within the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design

The educational activities can be focused on the needs of the individual studios, topically as well as beyond the given education schedule.

External cooperation

Interpretation of practitioners - to the topics given in examples

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Study Objectives:

Adoption of procedures necessary for creation of drawing documentation of the current state of a building object by an architect or his/her subcontractor

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