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Descriptive Geometry 1

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1091 Z 1
Subject guarantor:
Bohumil Chalupníček
Name of lecturer(s):
Bohumil Chalupníček

Method of education:

Large-area design projections currently and gradually created on front of students by classic procedures, supplemented with continual interpretation

Student´s own interactive entries in this process with full exploitation of individual education conditions. Presentation of examples professionally related to the discipline lectured in the historical as well as current context. Excursions and interpretation „en plein air“ and in objects

Assigned exercises in the discipline, consultation of tasks solved in studios in terms of the discipline lectured, space and analytical drawing designed in objects

Basic education contents:

Geometry as a component of design and proportion, plane and space curves, developable and undevelopable surfaces, bodies and their intersections, orthogonal and clinogonal projection, perspective vision and perspective image - designing of light and shade boundaries and reflection, perspective relief

The individual chapters evolve into examples of architecture - to urban concept, vault and roof structures, proportion canons and optical corrections in architecture, historical development of projection methods and their application in the creative process, references to plane and spatial work of art

The indicated contents of education do not constitute its strict chronological order; its contents can be accentuated with respect to the current needs of student groups in the individual studios and to the studio tasks assigned.

Cooperation within the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design

During drawing in objects, stress is laid on the projection of figure as the main scale component, cooperation with the drawing discipline - conditions and consultations created together

During adoption of the origin of planes and bodies including their intersections, cooperation with the modelling discipline - conditions and consultations created together

External cooperation

Interpretation of practitioners - in the projected objects visited or to the given topics

Lectures outline:
Seminar outline:
Study Objectives:

Development of spatial imagination as a prerequisite of one´s own creative work

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